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3 years ago#1
So I saw the game for $20 at Target and was wondering if it is worth getting at that price. I also heard from the announcement that it'll be added to gog once the ee version is out.
Gotta love Photon Cannon.
3 years ago#2
$20 is a very good price, and you'll be upgraded to the EE for free once it's released. And yes everyone who owns the game will get a backup copy on GoG.
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3 years ago#3
Yep very good price, and you can upgrade it to the EE version for free on April17th.
3 years ago#4
$20? Looks I'm heading to Target...
3 years ago#5
$20 almost makes me kind of sad considering the quality of the title compared to what we're getting lately at $60+
3 years ago#6
You could actually get the game cheap even back when it was newly released, it was only $30 on Direct2Drive when I bought it.
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