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3 years ago#1
Seriously, I would like someone to compare and contrast the two for me. The pros and cons ect. and of course your opinions please :3
3 years ago#2
Woudn't know myself because ive never played Dark Souls. But here's a good suggestion, get both :). Dark Souls is coming to pc , officialy announced pretty much, now its all about the wait.
3 years ago#3
My opinion? This by far, why?

Better story, better combat, better characters, better game.Not sure why Dark Souls is so popular, the combat system is terrible, Dynasty Warriors has more depth.
3 years ago#4
Don't know who's played Dark Souls here, but it really depends on your taste in games.

DS is very heavy on combat, but it's very good combat. Everyone I've heard complain about the combat tend to be on the whiner side of things, and doesn't really have anything substantive to say about it other than parroting hipster criticisms of the game. You won't find some sort of life-changing storyline, but there's gameplay enough to make DS definitely worth playing.

Witcher has a more fleshed out narrative by far (though the quality of which is debatable), but less involved combat. I think of it as a more focused Skyrim--less world building than Skyrim, but probably a better, more concise storyline.

So basically, if you want great combat throughout (not to mention some incredibly inventive stages, fights, art direction), go DS. If you want a more involved narrative, more gameplay options (non-combat roles especially), but can handle less on the combat front, and a bit more recycled settings than DS, go Witcher.

Both are worth playing, but yeah, go with your general tastes, as they're both pretty different games.
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3 years ago#5
RENTRER_EN_SOI posted...
My opinion? This by far, why?

Better story, better combat, better characters, better game.Not sure why Dark Souls is so popular, the combat system is terrible, Dynasty Warriors has more depth.

Not sure if serious.. or if you just never played Dark Souls.
The combat and the different types of fighter you can create are amazing. There is no narrative and the story is kind of behind the scenes. But Dark Souls is definitely worth it for the art style alone

Dark Souls wont be out for some time, so get Witcher 2 and then Dark Souls on PC when it comes out. There was one area that lagged real bad on the consoles which i imagine the PC version wont have any issues with (considering you have a decent PC) - plus the PC version will come with additional content.
3 years ago#6

This one is story-driven in a very beautiful and detailed setting. The combat is very good, but I wouldn't consider it better than Dark Souls'. The choices you make in this game matter and the choice you make at the end of chapter 1 yields a completely different chapter 2. It's one of the very few RPGs that actually achieves great (action) combat with RPG elements. You can use potions, swords, signs (magic), bombs, daggers and traps. It can be very fun if you learn how to play it properly. It's also very hard compared to most games but not as hard as Dark Souls. It's kind of open world but the areas are small. It's like Stalker if you played that game: small areas where you can go anywhere.


Dark Souls is all about the combat. There is no real, developed story like in TW2. I would say its combat is better than TW2 but it's slower, which I actually like. It's more methodical. The setting is in a castle and its surrounding areas and it's atmosphere is gloomy. It's also harder than TW2 and I think it lasts longer but I haven't actually finished it (TW2 is about 25-30 hours for one playthrough). Be prepared for a lot of frustration until you get good at the combat (more frustration than TW2). This one is the same in terms of the open world. Although it's not really open because the paths are mostly linear, there are many ways around the areas. It really feels like a giant, interconnected area.


Let me know if you need any more info.

3 years ago#7
You would really be doing yourself a dis-service if you were to miss out on either one in my opinion.

Dark Souls is one of those games that pulled me in and never let up. I was absolutely obsessed with it and it gave me a feeling of accomplishment I've never experienced
before with a video game. It will take hours and hours and hours, and can be very frustrating, but it is also extremely worth it. The atmosphere is amazing...the lack of dialogue and direction are actually part of the story and make you feel very alone in this ruthless world they have created.

TW2 on the other hand has well fleshed out characters and a very involving story. They are very different games and both will provide you with hours of enjoyment. I know money is tight now-a-days, so my suggestion would be to decide whether or not you are in the mood for a well written, well acted story with great gameplay, or a hard fought, deeply atmospheric unforgiving world. Whichever you pick, just be sure the play the opposite down the line so you don't miss out.
3 years ago#8
RENTRER_EN_SOI posted...
My opinion? This by far, why?

Better story, better combat, better characters, better game.Not sure why Dark Souls is so popular, the combat system is terrible, Dynasty Warriors has more depth.

wait what? I can get better story and better characters. BUT BETTER COMBAT SYSTEM? are you kidding me? don't get me wrong, The Witcher 2 has a good combat system but I wouldn't say it beat Dark Souls combat system.

anyway get the Witcher 2 if you want a more narrative rpg while get Dark Souls for the combat system. As for difficulty, The Witcher 2 is a bit hard at the start but really evens out near the 1st or 2nd arc of the story with abilities you have upgraded by then and getting use to the combat system. Dark Souls difficulty can be brutal at times but if you pay attention to your surroundings, then it should be manageable.
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3 years ago#9
Well I love good combat, but I'm kinda a sucker for story, so from 1-10 how good is the witchers story in your opinion..... Cuz I'm, kinda leaning towards Witcher :D
3 years ago#10

What is Dark Souls? I'm looking on Gamespot and Gamefaqs and I'm having trouble figuring out which game you're talking about. I see a Dark Souls released in 2011 but it's X360 and PS3 only. I don't see a PC version. There is a PC game called Dark Souls from 2009 but it either has no reviews or the reviews are really awful. Someone got a link to a specific page for it?

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