How well would this PC be able to run this game?

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It's overpriced and the video card sucks. You should do some research and build your own. To answer your question, it'll probably run the game on low to medium settings.
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From what I hear the 550 isn't a very good card. You'll just be wasting money buying it. You're better off building your own computer. It's not difficult to do and will be much cheaper. Also a good cheap Nvidia card now is 560. I would pick that.
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You could build a much better computer for significantly less. The 550 is an incredibly poor choice of video card. You can get a 480 GTX for under $200 and it's literally twice as powerful. Don't get an i7-2600. Get an i5-2500k. The "k" is important. Don't get a 2500; get the 2500k. It has an unlocked multiplier and you can overclock it to 4.0 GHz on stock cooling alone. With a Corsair H80 system, I have mine running at a stable 4.6 GHz and temperatures never peak above 55C under full load. The i7-2600 is actually slower than the i5-2500 when gaming due to hyperthreading, which games don't support. The i5 is also about $100 cheaper.

If you're not comfortable building your own computer, I've heard that cyberpower PC is a reliable company that won't rip you off. If you want to give building a shot, almost anyone will tell you Newegg is the best choice for buying parts.

As to your original question, I don't think you'd go above medium-high with that computer.
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Yes, building it yourself is the best thing you can do and it's easy. I'd recommend:

Intel Sandybridge 2500k processor

GTX 560ti or ATI 6970 (which is more expensive I think)


for the motherboard, make sure it has the same socket as the processor (the number 1556 or 1555 I believe).

You'll also need powersupply, case, keyboard, mouse but those are easy.

For the price you'll pay for these components you'll get the best deal. A pre-built computer with the same components would cost you more.

Just do research online and you'll see that it's too easy.

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umm guys...I am sure he doesn't mind your suggestions, but try to answer his actual question...
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Rixgear posted...
umm guys...I am sure he doesn't mind your suggestions, but try to answer his actual question...

I did answer his question. Learn to read.
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