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Why is this game so laggy (Archived)jy281042/21/2014
any good mods? (Archived)xVSaNx22/20/2014
Playing this on mac... with a controller (Archived)-Crazy_Dude-22/20/2014
C/D You think Geralt will die in The Witcher 3 (Poll)HerbalSkyrim82/17/2014
posted this on the xbox board maybe you guys/gals can help me (Archived)Mental_16122/17/2014
Creepy voice in the Flotsam Brothel (Archived)RealSkyDiver222/16/2014
Parry in tutorial not working. (Archived)semajaguar32/15/2014
[Manual Save] Steam Version no image... [Any fix] ? (Archived)Aerendir12/15/2014
my computer is runnin this game slow man, im gettin angry (Archived)Shadow32742/8/2014
Is this game hard? (Archived)Me3241552/8/2014
at what point does the main story branch? (Archived)Grey_Asakura62/8/2014
First playthrough of The Witcher 2 (Archived)Squidmanse52/8/2014
Cant complete Keyran QTE to drop pillar, can someone do it for me? (Archived)Dragoon_Force12/1/2014
Witcher 2 Runs Good on GT 540m (Archived)C63_XeroCore11/27/2014
I've beaten this game 5 times over and I still have no idea how to use mutagens. (Archived)Chr0noid21/20/2014
I wonder if it's my crappy computer (Archived)toffifee21/18/2014
I expected this game to be a challenge, but seriously? (Archived)ArchSublime61/17/2014
(Spoiler) How Saskia can be... (Archived)Artemis_Enfreri31/16/2014
can i use any gamepad to play this game? (Archived)LegendaryWraith31/9/2014
When looking at the vendor, some books have check marks, others don't.. (Archived)sirspankyjnco21/9/2014
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