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6 years ago#1
Hi,I'm italian and I got the game yesterday but I've already finished my first playthrough..The clock was at 9:50(yeah I missed many things). I got the ending where Oswald gives mickey his heart back and then mickey returns to his world; meanwhile Oswald's girl is back to normal and in the end Oswald and Mickey say goodbye through the mirror...Is this the good ending? How many endings are there? I tried to search this on the internet but I can't find anything..And can you describe to me the other endings if you're kind enough? I would really appreciate it...
Also before going to "world 6" I had the opportunity to bring 30 "lights" to the blue guy but I didn't do it because I only had 25...What do you get for giving them to him?
And also I got every "tape"(don't know how to call them in english,the ones that are 36 in total) in every level I was but in the end I only have 34 of them.. where are the other 2D levels?
thank you very very much and sorry for all this questions!
6 years ago#2
I know there is at least two endings, though I think there might be three.

I have beat the game twice, first time I got the same ending as you ,second time I decided to be evil and I got a different ending. The one you got I entitle the "Heartwarming Ending", the one I got on my second playthrough I entitle the "Heartbreaking Ending".
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6 years ago#3
Oh! and for other 2D Tapes, there are some VERY well hidden secret 2D Transition levels. The one I can think of off the top is in Gremlin Village, there is a hidden 2D Transition level, a shortcut, hidden in the windmill.
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6 years ago#4
thank you very much, I think you're the same person who posted the Heartwarming ending on youtube... So now I'm looking forward to see the other ending because I'm too curious...If you want can you please tell me something about it? don't worry if you don't want to lose your time writing it...
Also do you know what you get for giving 30 orbs of light to the blue guy? thank you :)
6 years ago#5
whats in the "heart breaking" ending?
6 years ago#6
sombrero please tell us :)
6 years ago#7
I'm italian too
After i gave the 30 power sparks to the gremlin , he told me that something was unlocked near the firefighter palace , but actually nothing really happened
Maybe i missed something , but i wasn't able to find anything , so i completed the game without doing that thing
I'll try again in the second playthrough
6 years ago#8
^I did the same thing, I did it but then I never found out what he was talking about.

However, looking it up it seems that they made a secret area which is based off of Walt's super secret location in Disneyland, it was his personal suite in Disneyland he made when making the park which was hidden on main street and is not open to the public. Warren said in a fairly recent interview he hid it in Epic Mickey very well, but those who find it will find an exact replica of Walt Disney's personal estate in Disneyland. He also says part of the reason he made it was so he could actually get to see the room himself since it's a very tightly-hid area among Disney and this recreation is the closest anyone who isn't a high-up in Disney are going to get a chance to actually see his estate which has been left untouched except for some cleaning for decades.

I am almost 100% sure the 30 orbs thing is related to the hidden area on Mean Street.

I should have the bad ending up hopefully today and if not tomorrow, I am a but busy with college stuff but should be able to squeeze in time.
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6 years ago#9
To get to tha secret area at the firehouse thin the window over the door and walk in
6 years ago#10
Thank you all very much,I really appreciate this. So now on my second playthrough I'll surely give to that guy those 30 light orbs,I really wanna see this secret area!
also thanks for the video sombrero_shadow
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