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damn mecha pirates are invincible!

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6 years ago#1
them robot pirates are invincible how do you kill them?! i need to kill them for a quest to kill all the bad guys in the area and his just left but won't die. i thinned him out but spin attacks dont finish him off? tried thinning his back still nothing...
6 years ago#2
So thin out his shell completely so he's exposed, but he'll still be violent. However when completely thinned he'll spin then for 2 seconds he'll be on backwards and a green gem will appear on his stomach. Quickly run up and spin-attack his gemstone before he does another spin-attack himself. Do it three times to defeat him.

Also pro-tip, if you want to explore the whole area once you've defeated all the enemies DO NOT go into the tree the pirate does since it'll move you forward and you cannot go back to this area, so do everything you want to do in the jungle before moving on.
Only if you pay me.
6 years ago#3
i tried spinning his green gem but you always have to get behind him and he doesn't give you enough time to attack
6 years ago#4
You don't need to get behind him. Once you've thinned out his armor, get close to him until you see him winding up to attack, then run away. His body will spin madly and he'll stop with his back to you so you can run in and attack.
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