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help with t-rex dopant password (Archived)goongold83112/14/2010
Decade mode? (Archived)KamenRiderFaiz5111/6/2010
Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO (Archived)Kuro_Shurado38/10/2010
EU relase.....? (Archived)LeeCz27/15/2010
New Kamen Rider game for DS !! :O (Archived)
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Project Cerberus: new toku fighter to be released (Archived)Kuro_Shurado26/27/2010
About netplay (Archived)Kuro_Shurado26/22/2010
controls (Archived)RayTokai23/31/2010
Wow.... It's nearly 3 months Bandai Namco and no Kaixa password ?! o_0 (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
I need controls for Nunchuck T_T pls help... (Archived)kaizer300052/22/2010
What controller is everyone using? (Archived)bokyong22/3/2010
Can I/Should I get this game? (Archived)d_fangx41/28/2010
Comparison with Kabuto game (Archived)Kuro_Shurado61/14/2010
Just curious, anybody have the numbers on how well the game sold ? (Archived)Tekkaman_Gamma41/14/2010
Strongest/ Weakest Rider (and Strongest/Weakest Clock Upper) (Archived)Kuro_Shurado61/11/2010
My KRCH:W Guide (W.I.P.) (Archived)
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Which characters you think should be added in next iteration of game? (Archived)Kuro_Shurado81/9/2010
Your Survive Mode Records (on Very Hard setting) (Archived)Kuro_Shurado71/8/2010
How would you complete the incomplete characters' movesets? (Archived)Kaiser_Rikou31/7/2010
Working Dolphin config for this game (no hangs anymore) (Archived)
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