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5 years ago#1
When do I get this request? It's all I need now to get married... who even gives it to me? Thanks, any help is appreciated :)
5 years ago#2
Ive got the bed request in year 2 eileen will post a request in blue bell you need 2 ore stone and a money i forgot how much is the cost..

You need that for marriage and you dont need to expand your house for that..

But if you want to have a child..yu need to expand your house..
HM ToTT - 309598406913
5 years ago#3
Yes, you should get the request on the first day of Spring in Year 2 from Eileen.
5 years ago#4
Where do you get Ore Stone
Bakugan Brawl
Fusion Drago ROCKS
5 years ago#5
Thanks guys, I finally got it. I was worried because it didn't show up for me on Spring Year 2 but once Summer rolled around it was on the board.

I got most of my Ore from the hole behind the waterfall on the Konohana side.
5 years ago#6
DarkDragonSpyro posted...
Where do you get Ore Stone

You can get ore at the crack at the back of waterfall and sometimes lying in the mountain when tgere is a typoon or snow storm..
HM ToTT - 309598406913
5 years ago#7
It's summer year two for me and I still haven't gotten the request. Which board does it appear on and do you need a certain request level. I got the reno request on the Bluebell Board and the clothes request on the Konahana board. I think I'm one of the first to have the house upgrade before the bed.
5 years ago#8
You also need to have Elleen a little bit over two flowers and lv 3 requests too. That way you unlock c rank requests, which is what the bed request is

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