How do I get the sickle, axe, etc

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  3. How do I get the sickle, axe, etc
5 years ago#1
How do I get the sickle, axe, etc?
I already got some seeds.

And what's the purpose of the horse cart?

Basic reading ability is needed to fully comprehend this post. ^-~
5 years ago#2
You have to do chores for the villagers. Look at some of the other topics.
5 years ago#3

The horse cart confused me too, but it since it's the same storage unit as the chest in your house, it seems it just makes your storage mobile.

New ones might mean more storage too, but I don't remember too well; so far I only bought one new cart.

5 years ago#4
I've played for a few seasons, and here are the tools that you'll get with requirements

Sickle - given
Hoe - given
Watering can -given
Hammer - Year 1, Spring 12- need 8 stones
Axe - Year 1, Summer 1, Request- need 10 branches
Fishing Rod- Year 1, Summer 1, given by mayor
Brush - when you buy your first cow
Milker - when you buy your first cow
Shears - when you buy your first sheep
Pot - Year 1, Spring 8

About the cart, yes it serves as portable storage, you can attach it to your horse and pull it around.
You can buy a bigger cart at the shop with horse shoe sign in both village
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  3. How do I get the sickle, axe, etc

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