Wtf is wrong with the cooking festival?

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User Info: GerJapa

5 years ago#1
My Bluebell team got 2 hearts plus 1 note and the Konohana guys got only 1 heart plus 2 notes but OUR TEAM LOST?! Not mentioning my 5-star Omelet dish?!

Seriously I've done all I could trying to win this stupid competition but it's never seemed to work. Or is there any hidden tricks deciding the winner that I don't know about? Please help :(

User Info: GerJapa

5 years ago#2
By the way, please add my HM FC:

Name: Ger
Farm name: Japa
FC: 5415 2779 7709

Tell me when you add mine and your FC, we can help each other out ;)

User Info: rockerzz182

5 years ago#3
Sometimes its random just soft rest then play again..
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User Info: LunarAngel

5 years ago#4
You get Year 2 crop seeds for losing anyway. I wish I had -lost- more contests. :/

Anyway, I heard a rumor that more than star rating matters.. the stamina the dish recovers is taken into account too. Maybe Konohana just had more stamina restoring power in their dishes.

User Info: Swordust

5 years ago#5
I think the amount of ingredients and additional ingredients plays a big part as well.
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User Info: brinetold

5 years ago#6
Well, I think if your team has almost the same "score" as the opposing team, you have a chance to win via Reset.

I tried it twice. Cheating, yeah...whatever.
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User Info: Megan7777

5 years ago#7

I think I've heard that the cooking festives in ToTT are won at random. Which stinks, but oh well. Maybe there's some sort of glitch.

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