Where do you get Pickled Radish/Pickled Carrot?

#1tybear32564Posted 12/8/2011 1:15:09 AM
Is there a Recipe for these 2 items, if so how to make?
#2HitTheGroundWalPosted 12/8/2011 1:55:12 AM
I think that you pickle things by putting them in the fermenter on Bluebell.
It's supposed to be HitTheGroundWalking.
#3TruecPosted 12/8/2011 2:15:59 AM
According to UshiNoTane, it's the pickling pot in Konohana.
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#4tybear32564(Topic Creator)Posted 12/8/2011 4:07:27 PM
When does the fermentor/pickling pot show up?
#5HitTheGroundWalPosted 12/8/2011 4:22:05 PM
I'm pretty sure it is a farm expansion.
It's supposed to be HitTheGroundWalking.
#6Mothership1953Posted 12/8/2011 5:08:17 PM
First, you have to expand your Konohana crop field three times. Then, you'll get the option to have the Waterwheel built. The Seedmaker and Flour Mill are included inside the Waterwheel. Then, you have to have Eileen add the Pickling Pot inside the Waterwheel.
#7tybear32564(Topic Creator)Posted 12/9/2011 3:00:19 AM
What happens if you live in Bluebell?
#8Mothership1953Posted 12/9/2011 9:36:27 AM
You must be living at the farm you wish to expand. So, if you live in Bluebell you'll have to move to Konohana to get those expansions.
#9tybear32564(Topic Creator)Posted 12/11/2011 11:27:44 PM
Let me get things cleared up-I must move to Konohana in order to get the pickler/pot? I can't live in Bluebell, expand my farm, then get the pickler/pot?
#10Mothership1953Posted 12/12/2011 9:01:43 AM
The Pickling Pot is a Konohana only upgrade. You can only upgrade the farm you are living on. So, if you want it, you must move to Konohana.

You'll have to upgrade your Konohana crop field three times, then add the Waterwheel and then you'll be able to add the Pickling Pot.

So...that's at least five seasons that you'd have to live in Konohana before you'd get the Pickling Pot.