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5 years ago#1
I can't figure out how to get a dog, cat or any other animal. Are they only unlockable when you're friendship is higher with Grady in Bluebell? Or do you get them in a certain season?
5 years ago#2
Do you mean any pets or certain coats pertaining to a certain species of pet? If the latter, then they're unlocked later... (Years 2 and 3, I believe...) If the former, then you need to own at least one livestock that the species of pet herds before they become available... The horse (Pony/first-tier horse...) should be available as soon as you begin the game (Although, I believe it's given to you automatically...) and the owl does not become available until either the first or second tunnel clearing... If you're living in Bluebell, the dog and cat should be available after Spring 2 since Rutger and Jessica give you a cow and chicken for free on that date...
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5 years ago#3
For now I want to buy a dog. I'm in Bluebell Summer 15. Is it possible to get one now?
5 years ago#4
To get a big dog, you must first own at least 1 cow.
To get a small dog, you must own at least 1 sheep.
To get a cat, you must own at least 1 chicken.

Pets can be bought from Grady's or Kana's Shop.
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5 years ago#5
When I go to Grady's all he says is his daily thing. There isn't an option to buy a dog. Am I missing something? I have a cow and a chicken (I live in Bluebell).
5 years ago#6
Are you talking to him when he's behind the desk during his store's business hours?
5 years ago#7
Mothership1953 posted...
Are you talking to him when he's behind the desk during his store's business hours?

Oh gosh, I'm dumb. I never went there during business hours. lol

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