How to taunt when running to the endzone ?

#1AuToPsY_SpEcIaLPosted 11/27/2009 11:52:38 PM

I should be able to figure this one out but I cant. I switched the controls from arcade to standard and have tried all the different buttons but I still cant find the right one. Can someone please tell me what button you push to taunt the other players when your out in front of the defenders ?

#2sith2ninePosted 11/28/2009 6:42:46 AM

is this possible??

i want to know too!!!

#3AiMoNcExPosted 11/28/2009 12:01:40 PM
I did it by accident but I had the controls on standard, I think you sprint while holding B
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#4ScrapperPosted 11/29/2009 8:53:28 AM
The only time I was able to pull off the taunt is by hitting sprint and either x,b or y but I had to be far enough in front of the defenders or it wouldn't work.
#5sladePosted 11/30/2009 12:44:55 PM
I know for a fact that you can taught with 'B' while you are sprinting if you are well ahead of your opponent.
I have not tried with any other button, but the B will return different celebrations so I'm not sure if you even need to try different buttons.