Toki Chapter 1 7 Stars

#1fish915Posted 2/15/2012 11:02:32 PM
Im still having issues getting the 7th Star, I get to the southern exit near the iron bridge and the small pack of KEN OH's Henchmen aren't there, what gives?
#2Daz_DWPosted 2/17/2012 5:48:02 AM
I think this stage more or less revolves around how many Signature Move kills you perform. I kept using Signature Moves on large amounts of enemies and eventually all 7 stars were obtained.
#3green_aboboPosted 2/17/2012 11:40:16 PM
this star gave me problems too.

if you dont get the other 5 before 6, the 7th wont appear.

check to make sure youre getting the bomb shelter cleared proper, and also kill as fast as you can in those "lockdown" areas.

scour the gamefaqs thread for the star location threads, theryre there.

threads from badfat are the ones you want.
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sorry for the DP..

heres what youre looking for, from badfat:

Toki Chapter 1

1) Destroy the switchbox on top of the upper platform to open the bomb shelter's east shutter. Exit from the bomb shelter to earn the 1st star.

2) Into the first lockdown area after the area where you encounter the first toxic cesspools, destroy all Ken-oh troops to call forth a lance Zeed-type midboss. Destroy him to earn the 2nd star.

3) Exit through the Mission 2 lockdown area through the gate with the sandbags (not the one with the green arrow) and rescue all civilians. Lead them to the end of the area, towards the gate leading to another area with toxic cesspools leading to the bomb shelter's west shutter to get the 3rd star.

4) After leading the civilians into the gate, proceed further inside the gate towards the narrow path which leads to the bomb shelter's west shutter. Enter the bomb shelter and engage a pack of Ken-oh troops and a lance Zeed-type midboss holding the 4th star. Destroy him to get it.

5) Going back to the main route (the other gate out of the Mission 2 lockdown area), proceed further down the path and traverse the toxic cesspools. Destroy the huge group of Ken-oh troops waiting at the other side of the toxic lake, then proceed further down between the container vans to reach the 2nd lockdown area. Destroy all Ken-oh troops including two lance Zeed-type midbosses to get the 5th star.

6) Exit the Mission 5 area and go further down the path with the sandbags to reach the 3rd lockdown area. Destroy all Ken-oh troops including two Zeed-type and two lance Zeed-type midbosses to get the 6th star.

7) After entering Mamiya's village, annihilate all Ken-oh troops inside. Once they are destroyed, backtrack towards the south entrance gate (with the iron bridge where you crossed to enter Mamiya's village). There should be a small pack of Ken-oh troops and a lance Zeed-type midboss remaining near the village entrance. Destroy him to earn the last Mission star.

Shichousei: Hit Ken-oh with a Tenshou Hyakuretsuken (mid-air rapid punch barrage) when his health is less than 50%
#5fish915(Topic Creator)Posted 2/18/2012 11:11:57 AM
I have the 6th star I just can't get the 7th, I go back to the bridge and nothing is there
#6fish915(Topic Creator)Posted 2/18/2012 11:08:10 PM
there is another bridge that isn't lowered, what's the deal with that?
#7green_aboboPosted 2/19/2012 1:12:45 AM
just make sure you kill as much as possible, as fast as possible, with as many signature kills as possible...taking as little damage as possible.

sometimes theres little crazy things that trigger the stars, heres an example to twist your brain around...bear with me:

for the LONGEST time, i couldnt get the 7th star midboss to spawn on the rei/amiba legend chapter. for real, no matter what i tried. i then scoured the internet; determined to find a solution.

so i watched a video depicting a section in which rei destroys an overpass; using one of the grabable girder-like bat things from off the ground. i had never done that before, never even knew you could do that there because i never noticed the grabable (R2) metal beam thing laying on the ground.

sure enough, i tried it (just like the video) destroyed the overpass, and low and behold, the 7th star midboss was there.right where he was supposed to be..finally.

as far as your current predicament, try backtracking FURTHER back, when you get to the gaited area, keeping in mind that if the first 6 stars didnt appear, the last one isnt going to either.

just keep trying, youll get it eventually.

i couldnt say specifically what triggers it exactly. mayhaps someone else can chime in with a more definitive answer?