So who's the manliest character in Fist of the North Star?

#11YojimzoPosted 10/29/2010 4:21:41 PM
I have to object there, jagi is the manliest, he fights dirty and he admits it, takes a real man to do that.
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#12Vietboi415Posted 10/29/2010 5:02:48 PM
souther is just plain crazy, children slaves
#13UbberDevilPosted 10/29/2010 9:56:20 PM
The man is diagnosed from a young age with an incurable disease that threatens to shorten his life span considerably. This would then rob him of the title of Hokuto Successor. Did he !@#$ and moan? No. When Kenshiro ran off with the woman he also loved, did he pout? No. He helped lead them to a fallout shelter while staying behind to lock the door. Following that, he was blasted with radiation ON TOP of the disease he has. The man was a walking time bomb before, and now that time bomb just has its fuse cut even shorter.

Actually, in the original manga, Toki didn't contract a disease that cost him his title as successor. It was all nuke. Never refer to the side stories that were recently made for story purposes.
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#14Raoh08Posted 10/30/2010 10:08:02 AM
It's pretty clear in the manga that Toki is the strongest. Raoh is the best character though :)

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#16IlluminaZer0Posted 10/30/2010 11:49:40 PM
Jyuuza easily. Not the most powerful, but easily the manliest. Had his own harem, and was almost on equal ground with Raoh despite being a non-major star with a self taught style.
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Raoh.....just look at the freaking size of him, and tell him to his face "You're not a man!"
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Heart. He truly expresses his pain like a true man lol
#20fgrfhgfdPosted 11/7/2010 1:22:54 PM
going completly off the game (which is basiclly my only knowledge of the series) Kenshiro