Stuck at Maxos Temple *SPOILERS*

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7 years ago#1
I've just spoken to the Librarian and I'm now standing in the chamber before the Blood Altar. To my right is a hallway blocked by some sort of magical barrier and to my left is the room where the servants quarters are.

I've explored everywhere I can but I can't find how to get past the magical barrier, or find the soul stone.

I think maybe it has something to do with a chest that I can't open in the servants quarters, it's called "Amdusias Chest" and requires a password which I don't have.

Could someone give me some pointers on how to continue? I've explored the entire Broken Valley, done as many quests as I could and I'm currently level 14 but can't figure out what to do next :(
7 years ago#2
just beat the servants quarters get all the diaries and keys from the rooms....there is a vial of blood you need....use the key to open on of the chests for the book the librarian might need to read the diaries to find passwords....u cant go thru the barrier yet or get in that guys chest....when you get the vial of blood and the book needed for the ritual...the book starts with an out to the blood dragon attacks and get the the book with should be a quest item once you have the book the blood and the scale you can turn the dragon back to a guy...then kill him...they get the stone...

to get the password for the chest you have to mind read the dragon for the password

hope that makes since...look at my post below and see if you can answer my question
7 years ago#3

Thanks for that. Been stuck for ages and all I had to do was read a book in my inventory!

As for your query I'm not sure about that, but I have heard you can re-assign skill points later in the game, maybe you can change class at the same time?

Of course I'm not sure about that. I have checked the manual but can't find an answer to your question either.
7 years ago#4
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