How to get from prison into Battle Tower?

#1JroPosted 1/3/2010 9:06:36 PM
Right after Undead Sassan blocks the way in- the one prisoner talks about a secret way in through one of the cells, but I've spent the past 30 minutes going around in circles looking for a hidden switch or a button or something, and I'm about convinced that I'm looking in the wrong room or that Larian ought to not hide things when there's a sweet spot to trigger that's smaller than a millimeter.

Hidden switch in that room after all? Or someplace else altogether? Help is greatly appreciated!
#2Jro(Topic Creator)Posted 1/3/2010 9:38:51 PM
I got it, NM.
#3stgsmilingPosted 1/3/2010 9:48:55 PM
just in case anyone else comes in here looking for an answer, here goes.

talk to the prisoner who says there is something special in the cell across the way

in said cell, there is a small button at the back of the room that opens up a small hallway

in said hallway, you will find 2 kegs of explosives. take them both

take 1 keg of said explosive and 'use' it to blow a hole in the cave-in

keg 2 of said explosive is used on another cave-in that is not much further down the tunnel

#4Darth VengerPosted 1/12/2010 4:52:53 PM
Thanks. I am stuck here myself.
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