infinite exp grind guide ( glitch ?) (***Spoilers***)

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7 years ago#1
When you have the ability to visit (and survive) Keara's fortress, make your way to the inside part where you are required to guess the names of statues to proceed. You will reach a gate that asks if you have named all of the statues correctly. If you have NOT done so, the gate will say you guessed wrong and in doing so, it will reset / respawn every enemy in the area.

Unlike nest towers or other places that respawn enemies, these enemies still grant exp. This enables you to run in circles, killing everything you see over and over again and rake in the exp. You can rinse and repeat several times and gain several levels this way.

Eventually, you will reach a point where the exp they give isn't very much, so it will take longer to level up if you choose to continue at that point. However, when you are at that level where the exp dwindles, you should be much more powerful than when you entered.

7 years ago#2
I mentioned this before, but you're a lot clearer.

Did you see if it continually works? I stopped after the 5th time since it took me that long to solve the puzzle.
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7 years ago#3
it works as long as you are willing to tolerate the constantly diminishing exp return. The higher your level gets, the less exp the enemies give you. I do not know if it reaches a point where you get 0 exp because i too gave up and solved the puzzle after a few tries.

but overall this is a nice way to farm exp for a while
7 years ago#4
If the amount you recieve gets lower as you go it will eventually get 0 XP. If you felt like killing 700 goblins in Farglow at the beginning you could hit Lvl 3 before they stopped giving XP.
7 years ago#5
it's still a good head start
7 years ago#6
I just posted that as a way of saying that eventually you will stop getting XP for using the reset the puzzle method.
7 years ago#7
killing 700 goblins in Farglow

Please tell me you didn't try
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7 years ago#8
Heck no I didn't do that. I just read someones tip that if you wanted to grind that much that's how many you needed. I think it was on the guide that continues to be referred to. On ly thing with that guide is that chest contents are random, not fixed. Or at least in the demo this was so. If he were to just note the locations of the chests that would be fine by me.
7 years ago#9
How do melt the ice wall in Keara?s Headquarters? There is supposed to be a chest with an axe there...
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7 years ago#10
700 lol...You did do it huh? If I had the time I would too....
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  3. infinite exp grind guide ( glitch ?) (***Spoilers***)

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