Cannot Wait!

#1aevankoPosted 3/3/2010 7:11:56 AM

This is going to a great game, I just feel it.

I want to start thinking of scenarios, but until we get to see exactly what the tools are it's kinda hard to do...

#2YarottPosted 3/4/2010 10:33:35 AM
SD support should be implemented in the game, Music and Sprites imports, FTW!!! Also, an integrated sprite editor, it will give more use of the Nintendo DS's touch screen. And if it has Wi-Fi support for distributing your RPG project, it should also have one for Sprite distribution and Music and SFX distribution.

I like the Trailer sooo much, i CANNOT WAIT for this game to get here!!!!
#3YarottPosted 3/4/2010 10:33:52 AM
Gilgamesh wants you! And your sword! And your sword arm!