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4 years ago#1
Hello and welcome one and all to listen to the story of War and Peace!

War and Peace is a hybrid guild comprised of hardcore and casual players, who are exceptionally open, most certainly friendly, graciously civil and over all, have a wide variety of gaming and extra curricular interests. Some of the games we greatly enjoy will hopefully resonate with you. We are long time/hardcore players of FFXI since release (pre-Abyssea, 75 cap), along with a plethora of other MMO's; Western (WoW, SWTOR, Rift), Korean (RO/DnF) and Japanese (FFXIV). Our gaming penchants (multiplayer-wise) also extends to titles like Monster Hunter (since PS2), Armored Core (since PS1), Phantasy Star (since Dreamcast), Demon/Dark Souls, Gran Turismo, Diablo I and II (and III!), Star Craft, You may join and have completely different tastes than us, and that's great! We encourage diversity and will be delighted to hear your individual stories, likes and dislikes.

While we are looking for a tight knit group of players, we are also not totally against a slightly larger guild in order to keep our guild leveled up and not have to worry about decay. We will of course have guild events and frequently participate in raiding and all the other events that are coming soon with the Queen of Argon patch. While we encourage min/maxing to a certain degree, we have never had any issues with players who play how they like and who may experiment with unique and well researched builds.

In case any of you are curious, we will most certainly PvP (once the BG's are up and for political purposes) and many of us are actually PvP aficionados, however, we feel that the OWPvP system of TERA relies too heavily on griefing (such as the bridge by Lumbertown) and the system makes escaping to your mount too easy. As they are adding GvG PvP and revamped battlegrounds, we will have many exciting encounters to look forward to.

You can level fast or slow; as long as you are enjoying the game and the people around you, that is the element we care about the most. If you want to try for Vanarch, we will support you in that cause. The greatest part is that we will have a solid user base of players who you can reliably count on. Also, we have a small Ventrilo server if that is your thing, otherwise, you can simply chat, or even just be passive and enjoy the game in your own idiosyncratic way.

Being a long time poster on gameFAQs, I'd like to make an open invitation to everyone and anyone on here that is interested. In fact, if you so desire, you also have to the option to become a guild leader off the bat, and take part in guild recruitment and other tasks and features at your disposal.

We hope to see you sign up for War and Peace!

P.D. Tolstoy.
4 years ago#2
Sign me up; oh wait, I already am a loyal member! See everyone there on April 19th for open beta or on our forums when you come on over to check things out and hopefully join us.
4 years ago#3
Registration is now open to everyone, feel free to join up, just a click away.
4 years ago#4
Sounds interesting. Don't know if I'll be getting TERA, but I'll try; Controller Support seems too cool to pass up. I'm a pretty casual player, though, and I talk a lot. I've actually been kicked out of guilds (and then usually asked to re-join; apparently some dispute between higher-ups in the guild) for filling every second of online time with green text, (guild chat) and because I never shut up. Apparently, that annoys a lot of people.

I've only played WoW out of that list of games you got there; the other MMOs I've played have been F2P in the hopes I could find an MMO like WoW but where I wasn't hacked every other week while I sat around in Org waiting for a Raid to start. It only started after I had two characters at 85... Blizzard GM gone bad selling accounts?! I never succeeded, but I played Dynasty Warriors Online with a controller, and I thought that was just dandy, so saw TERA had controller support and the charm that comes with MMOs, plus it reminded me of dotHack\\G.U.'s 'THE WORLD r2' game, which I often wished was real.

My internet is sub-par, meaning big patches take me a while to download. I usually try not to insult anybody, but sometimes I have a pretty sharp tongue. If I haven't bored you to death with this increasingly elongated post, I'm curious as to whether or not there are any CORE MEMBERS of this guild that are currently dating each other? Because in my experience with guilds, and I've been with a lot of them from formation to disband, if two members are dating, they will eventually break up, things will get awkward, and the guild will follow shortly.

Also, are there any racists/homophobes/elitist pricks in your ranks? I find that whenever there's anybody like that, things come to a head, and fast. They'll make racist jokes, bash homosexuals, and in the elitist's case, begin a hardcore hate campaign against players that don't level up at least once every hour.

I could probably deal with the Elitists; I've dealt with their kind before. They are always, without exception, douche bags that are too good at the game to kick out of the guild. I've gotten used to them; it's as easy as ignoring their comments and leaving it be. But others are usually much more confrontational, which leads to drama, which leads to nobody having fun, and then a fractured guild, with one side opposing casual players and the other side supporting/IS casual gamers, which eventually leads to one of the sides mass quitting the guild. In one of my WoW guilds, this happened and we went from 150 members to 25 in a week.

You don't have to answer, as I might not even get TERA, but I think you should probably keep an eye out for these things.
You can't kick ass and have both feet on the ground at the same time.
4 years ago#5
Those are some very legitimate concerns Fear_Awakens. If it helps, we are just a few regular gaming guys, no one is dating each other and racism is essentially nonexistent. If you are active in guild chat, I think that balances out those who may be otherwise quiet. If you decide to get the game, you are welcome to join of course.

Also, the game plays exceptionally well with an Xbox 360 controller. Though I hear that if you want to be very hardcore about things like PvP you will need mouse and keyboard. I'm sure that remains to be seen however.
4 years ago#6
Throwing this back up for the beta players.
4 years ago#7
Name reservation and server pre-selection coming up soon!
4 years ago#8
Just wanted to stress that we are accepting applications for Spanish speakers as well.
4 years ago#9
Precreation is tomorrow!!
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