Anyone interested in Teaming up....

#11RedOysterPosted 5/11/2012 12:49:51 PM
Well I would be interested. Either Priest or Sorcerer would go well for me and the time slot works for me just fine.
#12csant(Topic Creator)Posted 5/11/2012 2:37:47 PM
So far we have the following people interested;

Johnny Big Time
RedOyster = Priest / Mage
Csant = Tank / Slayer

I will check back later tonight and see if we can one or two more people interested and to brainstorm we can start.
#13DarkshiroPosted 5/11/2012 3:03:13 PM
I'm interested in doing this and I even might have another person willing to join as well. I was thinking of playing a slayer or priest anyway.
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#14HowiaPosted 5/11/2012 3:06:36 PM
Anyone down to play tonight?
Still can't decide what i want to make :(
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#15csant(Topic Creator)Posted 5/11/2012 3:24:46 PM
I can do tonight if we can get all 5 online. =)
#16DarkshiroPosted 5/11/2012 4:13:18 PM
Just decide a time and a way of communicating with each other to start.
Fate has no forgiveness for those who dare stand against it.~ Chrono Cross
#17csant(Topic Creator)Posted 5/11/2012 5:05:57 PM
Ok, Since its kinda too soon today and wifey now wants to go see Dark Shadows!

Let's make it for tomorrow night at 8pmEST on Valley of Titans. I will post here vent info later.
#18rizzy_wizzyPosted 5/11/2012 6:44:46 PM
I wouldn't mind playing with some people, Im on Valley of the Titans too and I am a lvl 21 lancer. Send me a tell if you would like. The name is Flexoo
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#19rizzy_wizzyPosted 5/11/2012 6:47:31 PM
By the way, I don't mind starting over, and I can play what ever class you need me to be, but once we are all lvl 21 I would like to play my lancer. It is such a fun class!
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#20JAW2688Posted 5/12/2012 5:41:22 AM(edited)
Hey I'm game!

Edit: I'll also play whatever. Leaning towards Warrior/Mystic though.