Enchant weapon help

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Can anybody give me a full guide on this ?!
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whites 1-3
3-6 greens/blues
6+ golds only
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1. You can enchant items with descriptions of "Enchantable" in their stats.

2. Bring up the enchant menu by pressing "T"

3. Select item you want to enchant first.

4. Select alkahest, number required is the same as the tier of the item you're enchanting.

For enchant levels 1-6, normal alkahest is sufficient
7-9, refined alkahest is needed
10-12, masterwork alkahest is needed

5. Select your "fodder" or item that will be sacrificed to enchant your main item. Fodder item should be the same tier and type as the one you want to enchant.

For armors, simply consider the tier level and armor location. Eg: You can enchant a T5 Metal Glove using a T5 Leather Glove

For weapons, just consider the tier. You can enchant weapons with any of the other weapon types.

6. Press the enchant button and wish you succeed.

** The higher the rarity of the fodder used, the higher the chance of success.
** Steps 4 and 5 are interchangeable
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press T, put in weapon you want to upgrade, this will usually be a gold weapon or else it is kinda a waste of money. other 2 slots will be filled with 2 things: sacrificial weapon/armor of the same tier and alkahest. The grade of the sacrificial weapon will decide the success rate of the enchant, the higher grade the better although I think this is being changed after the patch. You can buy alkahest from merchants and higher grade alkahest from specialty shops (although they are removing this when the patch hits so you will have to buy these from the auction house or the cash shop)

upgrading +1 to +6, use regular Alkahest
+7 to 9, use Refined Alkahest
+10 to +12, use Masterwork Alkahest

Normally you can only upgrade an item to +9, but for endgame, there are pieces of gears that can be "masterworked", meaning you lift this limit and can upgrade to +12. To lift it, you unidentify the item with a Master Enigmatic Scroll and then identify it, then pray to the TERA gods it works. I've heard stories of people getting this in a few tries, others try dozens of times and never get it.
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Thank you, folks.
Very comprehensive guide.

So for weapon enchanting....the sacrificial object must be in weapon category, same goes for armor.

Say I want to enchant this one http://teracodex.com/item/162
how do I go about it ? (use of enigmatic scroll)
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you cannot enchant that weapon because it does not say Enchantable on it
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so it has to specifically say "Enchantable" like this one http://teracodex.com/item/21395
Got it !

And the enigmatic scroll is only used to lift the enchantable cap ?
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You can't see it on the database, but gear gets stat bonuses at enchant levels 3, 6, 9, and 12. These stats are randomized, when identified using an identify scroll, you will get random effects. If you are unsatisfied with the results, you can "unidentify" the piece of equipment using the Enigmatic scrolls and identify them again. The special Master Enigmatic scroll is the one with the ability to lift the cap to 12, you can use more common scrolls for the stats.
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And crafting weapon.....
how do you go about it ?
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I haven't really gotten intro crafting because I heard it was useless unless you want to craft the conjunct PVP set or the visionmaker set which are a pain in the ass to get so I will never touch them. You can level your crafting easily to max rank by taking the crafting quests on the mission boards in any city, although as far as I know, you can only craft in the main cities such as Velika.
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