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4 years ago#1
I can't login Because of this error if anyone know how to fix this please tell me.
4 years ago#2
I've been trying to get through with this as well. Tried logging in but I get met with the same message. After contacting Gameforge (I downloaded the Europe version since I'm in Asia and EnMasse's version is region blocked) I get the message:

"In order to continue playing TERA please make sure that all VPN/proxy/tunneling tools on your computer are deactivated. Also browser tools for stealth surfing and dynamic IPs producing those errors.
Use a not modified, static IP to connect to our systems.
You can automatically login to our system after terminating those programs."

I sure as hell don't know what all that means, though I tried disabling all proxy extensions on both Google Chrome and IE. By a static IP, do they mean I need to not use a router or something?
4 years ago#3
What country are you from? Tera US has region IP blocks for certain countries.
4 years ago#4
Yeah, I'm in Asia (Hong Kong to be exact). I know the NA servers block IP addresses from certain countries, including from Asia. However, the European servers don't do that so technically we should still be able to play the game in Asia.

But according to GameForge support, I need a static IP address (one that never changes) in order to play the game. Currently my ISP does not give out static IPs unless I change from a residential package to a business one. Doesn't make sense to change just for this game so I uninstalled it.

There is an Asian server I believe but it seems to be either in Chinese or Korean. There doesn't seem to be an English language option anywhere...
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