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Can't delete character

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3 years ago#1
Heya people,

I was just wondering if any1 else has the same problem as me. I bought the game at release last year and havent played since july so i started playing now when it went F2P and i also bought the Tera club thingy.

The problem is tho that i cant seem to delete 2 of my characters because it says that i need to move all premium items from my inventory to the bank. The thing is tho that on 1 of these characters the inventory is completely empty and on the other i have only ONE item in it that is the village atlas. That atlas cant be stored or moved from your inventory not even discarded :)

Any1 else have the same problem or am i alone? Seems weird cuz 1 of those toons the inventory is completely empty :)
3 years ago#2
Do you have a costume or weapon skin on? I had this issue at first too.
3 years ago#3
Just checked and nope i dont have those items in my costume tab equiped, they are still in the claim item window ofc also the tera club items but there isnt anything in my inventory on that character and also nothing in the costuming slot, i even removed all the gear from my character. So im stripped of all possessions but still it gives me the error when i try to delete the character.
3 years ago#4
Not sure what your issue is, but I can delete characters just fine so it's not an issue with that per-se.
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