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3 years ago#1
Hi, just saw some ppl playing this and decided to give it a try.
However it seems that they have some region locks.
Can one play Tera in south east asia (indonesia)?

I tried the en masse (i think US) and that doesnt work. Maybe gna give the eu one a try.

Can anyone clarify this for me. TY
3 years ago#2
can only play the Eu version
Parachutes are for Girls.
3 years ago#3
You can get into the US server using a proxy service which usually costs $5-$10 a month if you really want to.
3 years ago#4
I tried loging in the us server. even though i registered and manage to log in to the us website, i was unable to log in to the game server. im indonesian living in singapore btw. downloading the eu ver. now. Hope it works!
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