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Do I have a role in combat in this game? What other MMOs? (Archived)KiltyMcBagpipes39/15/2012
Server Merges (Archived)luinks99/11/2012
How well do low to medium end AMD FM1 CPUs handle this game? (Archived)AndrogyneTech69/8/2012
Guess I'm trying this out for the next week. (Archived)TheNeckbeard59/7/2012
Steam gets tera on september (Archived)luinks99/7/2012
Need your opinion (Archived)
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How much gold is a chronoscroll worth? (Archived)cuteboi10079/6/2012
Class choice help (Archived)Solasun109/6/2012
thinking about buying this (Archived)ryouma1758/31/2012
How are the new Battlegrounds? (Archived)guinness4life98/29/2012
Best server for late night players? (Archived)Cube_Girl58/29/2012
Just started Tera and I am stuck at a certain spot (very beginning too, lol) (Archived)johnearts58/27/2012
I just went back to play LOTRO and.. (Archived)Final_Tran78/27/2012
First impression of new the new Lancer's skills (Archived)nhat108/26/2012
everyone said the game will die and be free blahblahblah.. (Archived)lkhlkh98/26/2012
Is the mount worth the extra $5? (Archived)guinness4life58/25/2012
en masse has laid off some employees working on the NA version of TERA (Archived)
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TERA is now 14.99$ (Archived)potatochobit98/23/2012
Everyone wants to play TERA but nobody wants to pay for it. (Archived)
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Argon queen release date! (Archived)nhat98/21/2012
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