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What stopped TERA from being a success in the US? (Archived)
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RaiderZ the poor man's TERA? (Archived)potatochobit58/14/2012
What the heck is up with the swimsuit prices? (Archived)
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This game is fun (Archived)
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I'm on the 7-day trial and I have some questions. (Archived)
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People's MMO standards have changed (Archived)
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How many of you regret getting this game? (Archived)
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When Tera goes fully F2P (Poll)luinks88/2/2012
On 7 day trial, Curious of payment methods (Archived)bozzy-is-368/2/2012
Balder's temple normal is bugged - don't do it (Archived)potatochobit37/31/2012
Berserker update out. Anyone tested it yet? (Archived)nhat17/31/2012
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