aww come on this is not bad of a game..

#1bluegirlfriendPosted 11/2/2009 5:49:42 PM
i got the highest scores on all 3 carnival shooting events.. look for jjw ok.. and try and beat those scores.. fyi i made it to all 3 bonus rounds too..
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#2TheUncleBobPosted 11/3/2009 6:10:00 PM
It's a great game, actually. I've probably blown more than $100 in the arcade version.
#3phonicphoenixPosted 11/9/2009 7:18:47 PM
I agree, I've spent way more than I should on the arcade game :D! Now I can conveniently play at my house and not be bothered to go 30 minutes up the road to play for 2 hours :D