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5 years ago#1
Yeah, definitely a bit let down by this one.
5 years ago#2
They REALLY want you to pay for it...
5 years ago#3
Quite a terrible game.

I wouldn't say it's a scam if they didn't call it a free game. You get a total of 44 cards, including the mediocre starter decks, after the free campaign. I also like how they said we would get the first 5 campaigns for free. They provided 1 campaign with 5 battles in it. This game is a scam. 4$ for 15 virtual cards is ridiculous, too.

The gameplay itself is horrible. I didn't have high hopes for the movement aspect or the turn system, and I was justified.

How hard is it to create another Duels of the Planeswalker with the ability to build your own decks and lots, lots more cards? Isn't that what MTG fans want? I know I do.

They really should take a page out of the YuGiOh video game book. Not that all of them were good, but at least they have some where you build your decks, there are thousands of usable cards, and the format is the real game's format.

overall 3/10 and I'm being generous.
5 years ago#4
Oh sorry about that last bit. I didn't know about MTGO >.< my bad

Game still sucks though.
5 years ago#5
Magic the Gathering Online sucks too so it hardly matters.
5 years ago#6
Felt like a mediocre version of the combat system in heroes of might and magic.
It's not enough that I succeed; others must FAIL!!!
5 years ago#7
Is this game a joke? You have to keep paying to get a better army, no way! I was looking for something traditional but innovative on the singer player side.

Wake me up when the designers wake up their idea.

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