I played this game for 12 years

#1shawnbuddyPosted 1/31/2010 8:37:29 PM
It was pretty hard, especially since I chose the more challenging "newspaper" difficulty level. The tutorial alone took four years, and after that it was worse than any MMO on your pocketbook, health and social life. Dangerous at times, too, especially the minigame in which people make death threats to try to keep their names out of the paper. The graphics and sound frankly sucked and there must have been something wrong with the scoring system because I wasn't earning nearly as much of the ingame currency as people putting much less effort into similar games. Though I look back on my playtime with some fondness, I finally wised up and switched over to "Imagine: Cushy Job in Public Relations" and I have to admit it's a little less exciting, but a much better player experience overall.
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That was really good.
Is it really that bad? I do a journalistic course and from I've heard it seems pretty grim.