How long does it take to beat this game?

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Hmm... a pro can beat it in around 42 minutes, provided your speed running the game. Depends... one method is to line up a series of saves and use them to skip ahead a few pathways throughout various areas of the game in order to cut down on loading times so you can reach your destinations at a quicker pace (not skipping puzzles, or neccesary items needed to advance in the game to be more clear). Without the saves, probably around under one hour just by booking it...

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I think he meant just playing it normally (i.e cr*pin yourself)

I would also like to know

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Its because theres no real "average" as to how long it takes to beat the game in a casual play. Same as with any other game. What takes one player a certain amount of time can take another double that. Its tough to say... All pathways are linear (you'll never get lost, and your confined to a certain amount of space as per level), puzzles aren't tough to figure out their more menial tasks than anything. So if your taking it slow, reading all the diaries you come across (don't know why you would skip that as thats your source for the story) would probably take about 2-3 hours to complete the game?

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Really? 2-3 hours? This is a short game lol. But thanks for replying!
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I'd say closer to 10 hours (give or take depending on your playstyle), and the answers here seem to agree with me:
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10 hours? What were they doing, hiding for 15 minutes or for a lengthy unspecified amount of time, everytime they came in contact with a monster? Thats pretty bad =x You do realize theres videos of this game up on youtube (blind playthroughs mind you) where people have beat the game in 2-4 hours?

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Do you realize that some people don't look at this as a game to "beat" and instead choose to soak up every ounce of atmosphere?
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Of course, I didn't mean to be rude about it. I was once a casual player myself so I haven't forgotten.

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Do you realize that some people don't look at this as a game to "beat" and instead choose to soak up every ounce of atmosphere?

Ahh yes I am that kind of person. If this game is really atmospheric, i would take my time looking around and stuff. Kind of like the Bioshock series and Dead Space. Those games took me a little longer to beat because I was just so mystified by my environment haha. Good to know and ty.
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