Throwing in Amnesia

#1wizardbakerPosted 1/29/2011 1:29:30 PM
I need a little help throwing in Amnesia. The game says you use the right click (if I remember correctly) to throw. However, I have a mac, which doesn't have a REAL right click. So I have just been blindly flinging things when i needed to, and it usually works. But it isn't working now, do to a bridge being held up by a rusty chain. I've tried hard, but I just can't fling it like I did before. Is there another way? Or will I be condemned to buy a mouse just to finish the freaking game.

:D help
#2StrongnicodemusPosted 1/29/2011 2:46:39 PM
If your at the part I think you are, then pull down the other bridge, start pulling it up but before it goes all the way, get on it.
Now once it's at the top, run and jump onto the other bridge and the chain should break.
#3wizardbaker(Topic Creator)Posted 1/29/2011 2:56:24 PM

I'm at the part where the bridge "Has a rusty chain holding it up"

:D there is only one wooden bridge
#4kornwiserPosted 2/6/2011 9:27:41 PM
I played this game on a Mac as well. If, while holding down the mouse button, you hit the command button (the button with the weird squiggle on it), it should trigger a "right-click" and throw the object. Hope this helps!