Justine DLC Explanation Please? *Huge, Major Spoilers!*

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Spoiler warning for the replies, and spoilers in the wall of text below. So, unless you've finished the DLC, or you want to spoil everything for yourself, I'd suggest you'd click the back button.

OK, so I just finished the Justine DLC, but I'm am slightly...OK, very confused as to what just happened. Also, before someone flames me or something for not paying enough attention to the notes, I've learned my lesson on that. For the notes, I skimmed through and read the lines that interested me, and that's it. I've learned that it was an extremely stupid thing to do, since I wanted to understand the plot.

From what I hear, Justine, the character you play is a psychopath who broke three men's hearts, or something, but I still don't quite understand. I want a full on explanation, not "Justine was psycho, your right" or something. From what I gather, the "monsters" are those three men, and they were tortured. But that's what I don't understand.

Are the monsters still alive? Are they just simply horribly disfigured humans? The first monster you encounter, is apparently someone named Alois, who is looking for you, saying something along the lines of "Where are you? Come back!" As if he still cares about you. Yet if he finds you, he kills you. And then the second one, who says he will find you and kill you, not to mention he calls you the c-bomb, hinting that he hates you. A lot. And apparently his name is Basile. The last one, who is supposedly named Malo, is, from what I hear, a crazed french man who keeps saying something like "Hide and seek, hide and seek..." But could someone explain why they say these things in detail? Also, why are they shackled and eyeless? With the wheel things around their necks? Any information will be appreciated.

Oh, and one last thing...about the very end, Justine looks up at the ceiling and says, "That's me, isn't it? All covered in chains..." Then goes up the stairs and refers to the monsters as 'guests'. Why is this?
Please explain? In detail? Thanks in advance.
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I could be completely wrong here, but the three men are the ones that are trapped and you can save/kill them. I think the monsters are there for the scares, since it is mentioned that Justine is running experiments in the 1st phonograph.

As for the ending, it was Justine running the 'experiment' on herself. She put herself in the cage, and then took a drug or whatever to give herself amnesia until she passed out at the end. I feel like she was hiding all of this from whoever was in the house.

This is just what I speculated, I'm not 100% sure on any of this.
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Thanks! It may not be correct, but it does clear some things up.
I also wondered about the men you can save or kill, so you may be right...
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God, god, GOD I hate my username. What the hell was I thiiiiinking?! Call me PB and BS...don't ask...just...just go with it.