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User Info: Zpr13st

6 years ago#1
Well after having played through the first Kane and Lynch on my xbox 360 and completely hating - i was pleasantly surprised with Kane and Lynch 2.

I am not much of a multi player kind of guy, so i usually play games to experience the single player content only- and i just picked this game up for 5 bucks on a steam sale recently to see if it was any better than the first.

Well I was totally blown away at the presentation of this game. This isn't a campaign about a "story". It's just an experience that is unlike any other game. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it - this game is played as if someone was following you with a cheap hand cam. The lights shine oddly - there is a ton of ambient noises to simulate mic feedback - and those little digital glitches when a camera is smacked really hard occur.

To start - if you are getting this on your pc - i strongly recommended having a good enough video card to play it at 60 fps with full graphic settings up. It also helps if you have a xbox 360 usb controller for your PC but thats optional. Also - i played this whole game while wearing creative soundblaster headphones at full blast - the sound is absolutely incredible so be sure you have it LOUD and have a good sound card to experience the level of sound depth this game offers.

This game plays out almost as if you had just found a tape lying around somewhere and you started watching it not knowing what it was - yes it jumps from place to place - and the story is incoherent as a result but the "experience" its downright entertaining and at times incredible.

I have to say besides postal 2 - this game is probably the most immoral game i have played - but something about it was just really cool that i liked. It has a heavy violent theme - and there is some pretty good action.

My only complaint really was the ending as it didn't really explain much - (spoiler) it would have been better if they got on a private plane so they wouldn't have to worry about dealing with hostages - and the US government so much once they land or enter us airspace.

anyways - check it out if your bored - id say the game is worth 20 bucks at the most - 5 dollars was a steal though.
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