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Is it worth it to fight the Dream bosses? (Archived)Shadow Moses412/31/2011
What difficulty is Score Attack comparable to? (Archived)trigin12212/23/2011
We Need A Sequel To This On The PS3. (Archived)xxnike629xx612/23/2011
Is new game plus continuous? (Archived)HappyBull312/21/2011
so.... (Archived)
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Black screen when riding bike? (Archived)CofD212/13/2011
What happened to the demo? (Archived)mooseifer69112/11/2011
code? where do u enter it on chinese version ? (Archived)M_a_s_t_e_r_J112/1/2011
never played this game. is this port any good? (Archived)pres_madagascar611/27/2011
Extensive weapons tests (possibly final version) (Archived)Porcupine611/26/2011
Is any of the DLC worth buying? (Archived)Icrushlilpeople611/17/2011
Moves? (Archived)Patriarch105311/14/2011
Jobs and assassination side quests? (Archived)Patriarch105211/12/2011
Trading Cards? (Archived)Patriarch105211/11/2011
Why would they put Matt Helms instead of Ryuji (Archived)MegamanRockX2111/9/2011
You CAN watch the cutscenes in the final level and still get an S rank time (Archived)Porcupine111/4/2011
Can you not use DLC swords against Henry? (Archived)thatprepguy210/30/2011
Reaper, Reaper, that's what people call me~ (Archived)SonictheEchidna110/30/2011
Score Attack Network Rankings (Archived)Porcupine210/29/2011
Extensive weapons tests (updated for DLC) (Archived)
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