What the difference between Resident evil 5 and the gold edition?

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I was wondering what are the extra things in the resident evil 5 gold editions? I am thinking of getting resident evil 5 gold editions but would like to know the difference between the gold edition and the normal edition.

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Another question, will my old save data of resident evil 5 work with the gold edition?

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Yes, your save file from RE5 will work with RE5:Gold Edition.

In Gold Edition, you get the main game, two new scenarios to play through (One called Lost in Nightmares where you control Chris/Jill, and one called Desperate Escape where you control Jill/Josh), the new Mercenaries Reunion mode (New playable characters such as Rebecca, Barry, Excella, Josh, as well as 4 new Chris/Sheva costumes), and Versus Mode.

So all in all, it's not a bad deal for $50. If you get the PS3 version it all comes on the disc. If you get the 360 version you have to download all of it.

Hope this helped :)
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Also, if you dont want to shell out the extra cash for the disc version, you can just download all of it. All in all, that would cost you around $14.
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Does anyone know if the Gold edition will include the regular Mercenaries mode. I already know about Mercenaries Reunion, but I'm hoping the original is on the disc too.
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Yes, the original is still included.
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Thanks for the answer SSBBisawesome. That is great news indeed. :)
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yes everything B said is true but it'll cost u around ALMOST $19.00 to buy the DLC in the PSN Store, my best idea would just get the Gold Edition.
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So if I own the original game, can I just purchase DLC and have everything Gold Edition has to offer?
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