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Questions about Sonic 2 (both versions). (Archived)pokefan8363/10/2010
What is in the Muesum? (Archived)
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where to buy this in the uk (Archived)seb0313/10/2010
I don't know which is worse: (Archived)
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Knuckles in Sonic 2... (Archived)SorcererLance53/9/2010
Anyone had that CD? (Archived)
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Is the competition mode (Sonic 3) in this? (Archived)DevilKingZeon73/9/2010
Solid, but kind of reminds me of... (Archived)not_my_pope53/9/2010
Worth getting? (Archived)DannWoolf73/9/2010
I already have all four of these games for Genesis, Gamecube and Virtual Console (Archived)PrincessRuto43/9/2010
Sonic pic for character batle today is fail (Archived)CAB199743/9/2010
Sonic Classic Collection DS vs Sega Genesis Collection for PSP (Archived)Ishuaia73/9/2010
you can never be super sonic in sonic 2 with tails around (Archived)tremain0773/9/2010
People are overreacting about bugs in this game only because it was made by SEGA (Archived)
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First review, finally (Archived)
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Is it just me or does knuckles jump lower than sonic? (Archived)IAmClearlyBest63/8/2010
There is NOT lag all the way through sonic 3 (And knuckles) (Archived)IAmClearlyBest53/8/2010
I finished marble garden zone 1 in exactly 5:00. (Archived)IAmClearlyBest13/8/2010
how much is this? (Archived)agoogua33/8/2010
Honestly, I would have preferred a "Sonic Advance Collection"... (Archived)
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