How long is this game?

#1JoshyLeePosted 8/11/2010 10:43:42 AM
are there as many quests and side-quests in this as the original? Also is there as much to do, like training mounts and forging items?
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#2LeBurns63Posted 8/11/2010 11:15:42 AM
Well I couldn't find a time record on the game so I'm not exactly certain. I've been doing every single side-quest and fighting every creature I meet. I can only play about 2 hours a day but I've been playing for over a month, so I must have at least 40+ hours in and I'm still not finished. I busy clearing out one of the lower dungeon levels that has all the side quests with spell puzzles.

What's been bothering me is that the battles take so long now, about 10 minutes each. I always win, but because the creatures I'm fighting now have 300-400 HP and high shields or regeneration it just takes forever to kill them. I don't recall having this problem in the first game. Still playing though, I vow not to quit until I'm done...
#3RsteubePosted 8/11/2010 4:30:30 PM
2 things.


Use 1 POISON. no matter what type of character you are. No resistance to it, and usually LOW COST item to use during combat, and LOW COST TO UPGRADE.


Barb - Barbaric Roar
templar - overshadow
sorcerer - mirror shield
assassin - doesn't make a difference, you shouldn't be taking this long at all.. with just about any build.