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So I rented this from gamefly last month. Liked it, decided since the GOD was on sale for $5 it would be cheaper to get that than keep the gamefly copy. One problem: it wouldn't work.

Every time I would try to reload my save or start a new game it would freeze at the loading screen. I tried clearing my cache and re-downloading; no dice. I contacted microsoft; they couldn't figure it out. Neither could Ubisoft. I ended up actually getting a refund without even asking for one.

So I ended up just buying the gamefly copy. Now I've just tried playing it again; and the same thing has happened with the physical copy of the game I bought and worked perfectly fine the first time I played it. It freezes at the first loading screen. Every other game I have works fine. This is very weird and I have no explanation for it.

Anyone else with a keen understanding of this stuff have an idea?
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