The fortress gates

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6 years ago#1
So I can't beleive the first big puzzle stumped me, but there you have it.... trying to close the fortress gates and I can. not. do. it. Anyone wanna help me out? Come on, don't make me go buy the book :)
6 years ago#2
I assume we'd need a big flashing


in here.
6 years ago#3

ATTN SPOILER ALERT. There is a gear puzzle. In Prince of Persia. ZOMG the shocking twist.

Seriously, what is the spoiler? That there's a puzzle, or that there's a fortress?
6 years ago#4
Or maybe that someone will actually tell you how to solve the puzzle?
6 years ago#5
LOL, why not?

I seriously can't beleive I'm stuck on such an early puzzle. But I get limited time to play in between mommying duties so if I need/can get a little help (or if I have to buy the damn book) I'm okay with that/
6 years ago#6
Holy stupid oversight Batman!

I figured it out. I kept thinking I was done but no cinematic so I redid it 390853209467 times until I figured out I was just missing the last turn, and now I feel like a mo'. /cry.

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