Because GameFAQs has very little information on this game...

#1DDRplayer301Posted 12/28/2011 2:31:07 AM
I bought this game at a local retail store the other day around 7 P.M., and I was done with it by about 10 P.M. Why you might ask? The game is based off of a movie. That's all the game's really going to go off of.

The game was primarily using the Wii remote to sword fight. You have to flail your arm around because that's how the sword is used. Please don't play this game with a broken arm.

Additionally, the game doesn't let you freely move. It makes you move where it wants you to, usually by pressing up to go forward. Very little in the main game does it even let you choose your own path. The only time I recall doing that is on the beanstalk riding scene, and that only lets you choose which vine to slide over to if you're trying to collect coins.

Bad graphics, bad animations, bad gameplay. This game isn't worth the $30 you'll pay for it new or even used.

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