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6 years ago#1
Well, this more or less plays like CT5, except when multiple defenders encounter an attacking player, you can't tell one of them to tackle and the other one(s) to intercept. (unless I haven't found the option to do this, I don't speak Japanese)

Also, they've been handing out specials to characters that never had them before. Walking team nerfbat Morisaki finally received a GK tech. The Shutetsu trio and Takasugi received techs too.

And lastly, you can now put anyone in any position. So even though we don't have the recent storylines, we can use Wakashimazu as a forward.
Knid of lkie ew **** up teh engilsh lagnuage?- Lourde Incarnadine
6 years ago#2
i only manage to get one item per round.
i tried to replay but still can't get any new items.

i know you have to trigger events, but i can't seem to get it right.
but i always win 10 nil.
"The strong one doesn't win, the one who wins is strong."
6 years ago#3
Well, the ranking system is ridiculous.

I win the first story match with 7-0, so I clear the 6-0 challenge, and I get an A-rank. After that, I try the match again to unlock the remaining ??? challenge, I win 12-0 but fail to get the event, and I get an E-rank.

After that, I try the second story match, against Nitta's team, I win 4-0, only get one event, and I get a D-rank.

I'm now reading the chapters of the manga again to see if I can get any tips for the events out of it.
Knid of lkie ew **** up teh engilsh lagnuage?- Lourde Incarnadine
6 years ago#4
For the 1st match to get S-rank the 2 requirements are: the match 6-0
2.let Tsubasa shoot from ground after leading 1-0(maybe a bit different from the actual requirement but this is how I get the event)

Damn the 2nd match is killing me only 1 event so far =.="
6 years ago#5
we should start a post for the requirements

I already got to the match before Hyuga
but I still don't have driving shoot.
i only have the dribble skill and the overhead shoot
"The strong one doesn't win, the one who wins is strong."
6 years ago#6
Ok guys I found out another 2 requirements for the 2nd match 3-1
2.choose dribble when Tsubasa face one of the 4 guys(sorry forget the names this is easy anyway)
3.after completing requirement 2 use Izawa and pass a long ball to Tsubsa and choose shoot

That leaves 2 more requirements for stage 2.
6 years ago#7
i wonder if anyone will make ar code. lol.

i think a lot of us will be going back to the manga to find out about the event requirements.
"The strong one doesn't win, the one who wins is strong."
6 years ago#8
Anyone beaten this game already??I just finished the west germany game....god this game is so easy compared to the one on nes.....Japan's defence is unbelievable....not even Schneider can dribble past 2 defenders......even if he makes a fire shot both Japanese keeper has no problem saving them....this game should be called "Captain Tsubasa: Japan pwns everyone."The only game that I have to replay is the one against Hyuga because I still haven't figure out how to rape goalkeeper's stamina at time...after that game its all piece of cake.
6 years ago#9
Ok for the 3rd game the requirements are:

1.Final score 2:1
2.In the 1st half choose Dribble when Tsubasa meets Soda(automatic goal for them so this is the only goal u can concede for this game)
3.When u complete requirement 2 pass to Tsubasa when he is in the penalty area and use overhead kick.
4.In the 2nd half use Tsubasa and shoot from ground.
5. When the score is 1:1 in the 2nd half pass the ball to Ishi-zaki and use him to pass a long ball to Ryu
6 years ago#10
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