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6 years ago#1

So I got the game and everything about it is in English(Case,manual, ect...)but when I Install the game it doesn't ask for a language and it installs it in French.( I'm assuming that's cuz im using a french OS ). On the DVD (disc 1) It has both Fr-fr files and en-Us files, but for some reason the game installs in fr-fr(french). I'd like to play this in its original version and I hope there's a fix for this.

Anyone has an Idea on how to fix this ?

6 years ago#2
read the manual?

install english language in your OS should take that long
6 years ago#3

So I should be able to install a language patch or just change my OS from French to English without re-installing completely my OS ? Is that what you are saying ?

6 years ago#4

omg, I have exactly the same problem, bought the game today, everything is in english on the cover, manual, cd's, everything! But the game is all in is it because of my french OS? I have install many games, and they ALL have english language, but not this one :(

Sure hope there is a fix somewhere out there.

I found the setting.txt file for DS2, but it as no lines involving language ARGH!

6 years ago#5

It is because of the french OS. I'm on Vista Home Edition so I can't change the OS language. How ever if someone is running on Ultimate or Business Edition there is an easy way to change you language pack and you should look it up.

I'm still trying to find a way to install my DS2 in its original version(English)

If anyone knows how to, please let me know. Thank you.

6 years ago#6

bahh this sucks :( Im on Win7 and I don't think I can change my OS language..

6 years ago#7

I'm sure there's a way, both English Files and French files are on the DvD, we should be able to bypass the

language recognition of the OS and keep the En-Us files when installing the game. Something like a .ini file

where we could change the language line(s)... I'm just not sure what to or how to do it. I can't find

any .ini files that could help. But if I find out how to I'll be sure to post it here.

6 years ago#8

No one seems to know how to help with this... :(

6 years ago#9

Found It !!

Step by step :

1- go to start menu

2- click run

3- type regedit and press enter


5- Go to EA GAMES then Dead Space 2

6- You should now see a file named Language. Change this file to English

7- Then select the Local file and change it to en-En

8- now you need to go into the 1.0 folder ( it is in the regedit - EA GAMES - Dead Space 2 folder )

9- Select the blue Language file and change 0x00000002 (2) to 1 ( just replace 2 by 1 in the field)

10- Select the LanguageName file and change it to English.

11- Now close the regedit window.

12- Enjoy the game in its Original Language.

6 years ago#10

It works!! Thank you so much! :D

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