Megaman 11 news

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In an interview with one of the designers from capcom, it was stated that the next Megaman game would have Megaman Protoman, and Bass playable from the start. The DLC for that game will have Zero as an unlockable character along with an additional story mode that involves the starting of the X series and what happens to all the original Megaman characters. The original Megaman games will then end with Megaman 12 and will be about Zero and what happened with the original cast. After Megaman 12, Capcom plans on bringing the X series back with SNES graphics and gameplay.

Sounds awesome! Can't wait!

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well, i should certainly hope it sounds awesome. i mean, why would you making something up, and post it, if it was lame and stupid?
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pics or it didn't happen
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The lack of a link in that post already screams troll.
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--- TASes of Yoshi's Island, MegaMan Neo, Kirby Super Star, Turtles in Time, Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.
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Sounds fake if I ever saw fake. No way things would be wrapped up so perfectly, plus we all know how much Capcom likes to stretch a series until nobody cares anymore so I doubt they'll stop at Mega Man 12.

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Yes, incredibly fake. Not only would a company not reveal so much about the next game so soon, they for sure wouldn't release details about the game AFTER the next one. Lol.
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Look at the TC's name, too. A zero apocolypse fanboy, perhaps?

Also, Capcom would NEVER reveal that much.

Imagine if when Resident Evil 2 came out, and then Capcom said:

In the sequel, a big, scary, monster will constantly chase Jill Valentine as she tries to escape Racoon City.

Next, in part 4, It turns out Spain isn't all Flamenco guitars and Bullfights. But they're not quite zombies....

In the 5th game, it's Safari So-Goody! We're off to Africa!

No, sir. I don't believe it.

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