Move Proficiency Level

#1BigTlovesBEERPosted 5/29/2010 4:29:24 PM
1) Do I want to waste my time adding another level to the moves I learn in career mode?

2) Does it make them more effective?
#2iamthedavePosted 5/29/2010 7:31:55 PM
1) Yes.

2) Yes.
#3BigTlovesBEER(Topic Creator)Posted 5/30/2010 12:24:39 PM
So what the just hit harder and faster is that it?
#4iamthedavePosted 5/30/2010 12:46:07 PM
Harder. Faster's a factor of your speed stat.

With submissions it's the difference between needing 1 minute to weaken your training partner and tapping him out in 20 seconds every time.
#5sparky14Posted 5/30/2010 7:12:00 PM
noticed speed aswell but might've been my caf, moves seem more effective at ko'ing
#6BigTlovesBEER(Topic Creator)Posted 5/31/2010 6:22:24 AM
OK I leveled my Slam from Double Underhooks up to level 3 and it's pretty awesome. You get your opponent rocked alot more frequently and i think the move has a better success rate.

So it makes submissions easier hmmm...? Might have to try that.