Rashad Evans overpowered?

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6 years ago#1
I'm new to the game so I'm playing on experinced.. I seem to be able to beat Shogun, Machida and Rampage no problem.. but I just can't seem to beat Rashad evans no matter what, is this just me or has anyone else experinced this? His takedowns are relentless I can't stuff any, and his clinch is way to strong, I can't do nothing.
6 years ago#2
hes not its jsut his style may seem like it against those guys the guys in the game are alot more even then last years eveyone in this game is pretty LVL
6 years ago#3
ahh okay I understand now.


Just beat him.. hehe rampage in the clinch is insane
6 years ago#4
last year was hit and miss with evenness this year is should to be alot more well rounded as in the evenness factor
6 years ago#5
In order to beat evans you must be great at sprawling take downs and getting of the ground fast

I'm pretty good at getting up and stopping take downs
with 95 percent of ufc 2009 online being wrestling u have to

We Need To Save The Earth & Our Children
6 years ago#6
How exactly do you stop takedowns, I've looked around and I haven't been able to really answer my question..

do you rotate the right analog stick clockwise?

side to side?

button mash?

It would be nice to get a good answer
6 years ago#7
flick the sitck back as the shoot comes in
6 years ago#8
he will either throw him back or sprawl
6 years ago#9
Just once? do I have to hold it?
6 years ago#10
once as he comes in trys to slam throw take down and so on unless your against the cage then your odds of stopping it go way down
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