How do you perform a single leg takedown?

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6 years ago#1

I noticed that some fighters perform a single leg take down. Is that just randomness happening orforunique fighters onlyor is there like a specific way to preform a single leg take down for any fighter; if so then how?? Im trying to figure it out. Also what do different level moves resemble?- does that mean your in a different possition for a different level? Also how do you preform sub-submissions/possition moves?

p.s. These things have always interested me deeply

6 years ago#2

The only time I have been able to perform a single leg is when I counter a kick with a shoot take down. I went through all the gyms in Career and did not see an option to learn single leg. I would like to figure out the trick to this as well since there are some moves I have seen executed from a single leg td I want to use.

6 years ago#3
When you have a wrestler with it (Rashad for example) if you outshine your opponent by a lot it will do a single leg into SC I believe.
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6 years ago#4
You can't learn any special takedowns with CAFs. All you have is shoot to double leg. Just out shine your opponent if you have someone with it (ex. Matt Hughes southpaw stance) you get half guard or side control depending on if you out shined them enough. If not it is either their full guard or they sprawl (obviously).
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6 years ago#5


6 years ago#6
If its for your caf just level up the double leg takedown to level 3 and if you outshine or time it perfect you do the single leg.
6 years ago#7

oh wowthanks alot yall. awesome !! I can pretty much play every element of the game now wether its stand up/ clinch/ cage/ ground game/ stamina. Whats so cool about this ufcundisputed2010 is that you can make a mutiple strategys to take out your opponentyup yepyou guys are done -just wait till i get live again.... lol

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