Finally got Shogun and I'm at level 35 - Need some help remaking party

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6 years ago#1
Hi, I've recently got the Shogun class (man, that 3rd boss was pretty hard). I've been wanting to remake my party, and so I want some help to make sure it's end-game ready because I don't want to be resting/retiring/grinding for a long after this big change.

My current party is: G/H/P, M/Z

The main problem is that it doesn't do enough damage, and it lacks combo potential. It's durable and safe, but that's about it. While the Zodiac is doing good now (surprisingly getting more useful), I hear that isn't going to be like that for long. It's probably time to take advantage of an Arbalest instead.

I also have to pick sub-classes.

So now that I got Shogun, what are some good builds? Shogun/X? Gladiator/Shogun? Princess/Shogun?

I also wanted to get your thoughts on Ninja's - are they end-game ready? Ninja/Zodiac seems popular, but what classes to take with it to make it really shine?

The only character's I'm sure that I want to have are Hoplite/Ninja for evasion bonus (I don't know if clone is worth getting?) and Monk/Princess.

I could keep the Princess, but what subclass? With two princess', should they both get all of the passive heals?

I can ditch the Zodiac and go for Arbalest/Gladiator.

I'd appreciate logical and helpful tips and discussion ;) Thanks!
6 years ago#2
I'm at this point as well. I think I've got a party plan that's got everything in good measure; strong offense, strong defense, utility, and end game viability. I'll explain my choices:

Front Row:
Hoplite/Ninja that can bunshin and line guard both rows, or guard against 2 different elements in end game.

Shogun/Buccaneer that can combo dual wield with swashbuckling to be the perfect setup for another toon with ikkitousen. Other important skills for this toon being hanging for head binds, suicide assistant, and the limit boosting skill.

Gladiator/Shogun with berserker vow mostly for ikkitousen, but also possessing arm binds and perhaps wolf howl.

Back Row:
Ninja/Zodiac with smokescreen and dark ether that can bunshin himself and dark ether his own meteor spam to wreck random encounters quickly and cheaply, or dark ether the monk's party heals. He'll also have leg bind later on for boss fights and conditional drops.

Monk/Prince obviously for healing and buffs.

This party also has the benefit of every single target bind and also suicide assistant for conditionals.
6 years ago#3
I was going to comment, but Nettwerks and I have identical post-Shogun plans... eerie. :)
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6 years ago#4
Im extremely new and newbish but my starting party looks to be matching yours. Does it matter when listing the primary and secondary classes? Are they both equal? I have a buccaneer, and gladiator in the front and a ninja, monk, and arbalist in the back. I just started though.
6 years ago#5
I agree with the Shogun build 100%.

Not to mention with the potential of 8 strikes per each attack the Limit Guage already builds up really fast for a Shogun/Pirate... coupling it with the Limit Guage-raising skill, you can effectively spam something like Aegis Protection if you wanted.
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6 years ago#6
How do you deal with elemental damage?

Could Princess/Shogon also work to spam Ikkitousen?
6 years ago#7
Well personally I was planning on just using elemental oils when I need a certain element, they're cheap at just 150 EN a piece, but with a party like this you can probably afford to let the ninja/zodiac spend a few points in each element for conditionals if you so choose. The monk/prince probably has much better things to spend his points on, though.
6 years ago#8
So what skills would you take for the ones you haven't mentioned? There's a lot of nice choices, and probably can't have everything right?

Monk/Prince Build
Level: 70
Total Points: 81
Retired: Yes, at 35

Common Skills
TP Boost: 10/10

Main Class: Monk
Focus Energy: 10/10
Healing: 5/10
Full Healing: 5/5
Line Heal: 5/10
Party Heal: 5/10
Refresh: 6/10
Bind Recovery: 6/10

Sub Class: Prince
Royal Bell: 10/10
King's Victory Song: 5/10
King's March: 10/10
Defense Command: 4/10
And Hoplite/Ninja? There's too many things to get :/

Phalanx/Shinobi Build
Level: 70
Level Cap: 70
Total Points: 81
Retired: Yes, at 35

Main Class: Phalanx
Guardian: 10/10
Shield Mastery: 5/10
Parry: 5/5
Material Parry: 5/5
Line Guard: 2/10
Fire Guard: 10/10
Freeze Guard: 10/10
Shock Guard: 10/10
Taunt: 10/10

Sub Class: Shinobi
Conceal: 10/10
Ninpou: Heat Haze: 3/5
Ninpou: Clone: 1/1

I'll post the other 3 in next post. Feel free to correct ;)
6 years ago#9
The Ninja/Zodiac is also tight for skill points. I couldn't even get an HP UP. Of course, if we don't even need the evasion skills, then I guess we can free a lot up. Thoughts? I've never even played a Ninja. Just a Zodiac to level 35.

Shinobi/Zodiac Build
Level: 70
Total Points: 81
Retired: Yes, at 35

Main Class: Shinobi
Smokescreen: 10/10
Dagger Mastery: 1/10
Conceal: 10/10
Acrobatics: 7/10
Shadow Weave: 10/10
Ninpou: Heat Haze: 3/5
Ninpou: Clone: 1/1
Ninpou: Sarutobi: 3/5
Ninpou: Cloud Cover: 3/10

Sub Class: Zodiac
Singularity Theorem: 5/5
Return Ether: 3/5
Meteor: 10/10
Ether Concentration: 5/5
Dark Ether: 5/5
Planet Observation: 5/5
6 years ago#10
Thanks alot for this this is something Ive been looking for and needing bad. Im spanking new to this and this helps alot!!
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