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3 years ago#1

Suck. Both leader and 2 other primes. Versus me and some other peeps. Scvientist Kicked their azzzzzzzes. 20-2 them 10-6- 4-6 2-12 etc HAHAH

3 years ago#2

Sorry i dont want to brag(really!) but its always the same story. I join a game. I see someguy in the lobby with way more kills then the rest. I play first match. See he is leader. he gets his azz kicked by me. They leaves. Or they all first start as scout scientist etc. Their team thinks, it was easy last match so we can do this, only diffrence is I joined, ooo that doenstr make a diffrence. LOL 

IT makes a diffrence:D and then the team that get their azz kicked before now wins because of me and i get friend invites. 


Thats so nice

3 years ago#3
Ugh. Here we go. (Getting too old for this..)

What is your GT tough guy? If it is Baskes22 I don't even remember seeing you in any matches.

Dreamteam808 doesn't read this forum so I will respond.

I remember one match tonight/early morning were Dreamteam and I had some real trouble and that was it.

I also just sent a message on XBOX to the one person who I remember giving us the real challenge and he said it wasn't him who wrote this post.. so hmm.

Anyone that knows me on WFC knows I almost never use leader and the few times I do I usually use one without warcry. Tonight I did use a leader in 2 or 3 matches (in this case it did have warcry) to even the playing field because the other team had 1 or 2. I don't think there was one match all night (all of which I hosted btw, so there was never a time I backed out when Dreamteam808 was playing with me) where Dreamteam808 and I used leader at the same time. Actually I don't remember him using one at all.

If anything, if I am in a match with friends and feel my team has a strong advantage already I will hold back a bit and maybe use a class/loadout I am weaker with or take it easy on some of the obviously newer players. Now when I am "lone wolf" usually all bets are off but that is a different story.

Honestly I don't think I went negative with the leader, I almost never do, but in one match I did have a score of 4 kills 5 or 6 deaths and I think it was on Streets. Can't remember which class I was using. If that makes me suck than so be it.

Anyhow, I never even claimed to be good (still weird I don't even know who I am responding to). I would say I am an above average prime (TDM KD is 2.58 or so) but by no means on the level of the top primes.

I can only assume we must have done something somewhere to agitate you?
3 years ago#4

Yeahhh its all good now. I dont hate you or something, just felt irritated.


Till next time;)

3 years ago#5
*edit* Just noticed you went on a posting spree recently (8 different threads in 1 day).

Guess you need some attention. I am ashamed with myself for giving you any. In any event list your GT so I know my accuser.
3 years ago#6
Your most recent post came in while I was typing that one.. still wondering about the GT.
3 years ago#7

Hmm I want to know too now... I don't remember a GT "baskes22"... I've played with most good people atleast once or twice and i remeber them if they are good...

3 years ago#8

Kman never saw it i think. Gman i saw if my memory is correct

3 years ago#9

Blitzyfunny2000= noob

xXK4MPFTOM4T3Xx= ownd changed to leader with magma frag



Were killing Prime decent players. I join he dies 3 times(can happen) and changes to leader. WHAttha? 


They replace DAGH for now:p

3 years ago#10
@Baskes22: beating 'KOMP" from German elite isn't something to brag about. I went 1v1 with him and I soon realized he's exteamly new to this game. Yes, anyone can go positive with a good team on thier side but, how do you hande yourself against the most vintiged players or as I like to call them " Game changers".... SEND 1v1 and I'll show you what playing a non-cheating "Game changer" is really like. ... If your lucky you might learn a thing or 2 about strategy. Rule#1: Keep your head down!!!
The "Kneeling soldier". Not all soldiers are fallen.

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