Hackers Are On The Rise

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4 years ago#1
I'm kind of surprised at the number of hackers that are popping up lately. I figured since the community has shrunk down to the hardcore of fans, there wouldn't be such an issue.
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4 years ago#2
It's probably a bunch of people who still play the game, aren't good at it, but still want to play.
I haven't done PVP on here in a while, but even when I did, too many cloaking scientists and other wonky things.
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4 years ago#3
I had an interesting experience earlier today. There was one hacker who used a scout with disguise, and a leader with drain. The other hacker was using a dashing leader and never seemed to run out of P.o.K.E.
"There is no way for you to stop, my relentless advance."-Frederic from Eternal Sonata
4 years ago#4
I weep for this game. Well, the online play at the very least. I've played since launch, I can easily say I can compete with the best of them. But lately, I've realized there's just no point anymore.

As you said, hackers are around every corner. And even if you get a room free of hackers, all you see is magma fragging noobs. I've grown so tired of having to put people like that in their place.

What happened to the players with integrity and skill? It used to be exciting and fun to test your mettle against skilled players who could actually play the game without resorting to such cheap and pathetic tactics.

But now? It's just a game for hackers and pitiful players. This tragically underrated game is slowly festering, and these people are not helping matters.

Here's hoping Fall of Cybertron will bring in new blood, and bring back those with some sense of honor.
4 years ago#5
Well said.
"There is no way for you to stop, my relentless advance."-Frederic from Eternal Sonata
4 years ago#6

I couldn't agree more VonTalon, in a way Transformers ROTF has experienced the same thing, except that instead of hackers ruining the game, its people that abuse the aim assist.

The best way to reduce or put an end to hackers is to not give them what they want. As soon as you see them in a match, just quit and join another match. If they have no one that is willing to verse them, they will become bored and stop playing. Of course some will come back again to try at it again, but if you keep doing it, they will leave on a more permanent basis.

I know the urge to put them in their place is great, but as you said there's no point in it anymore.

In ROTF, everyone is pretty much aware of who abuses aim assist so they know not to verse them. And over time, a lot of these abusers have left for good. Everyone that remains is there to have fun with the game with a bit of friendly competition as well. On occasion ill see an aim assist abuser and let them know about it. Usually you get a response that would get moderated here and when that happens I just leave. But sometimes you can convince them not to.

The same should work in WFC and im guessing the population that hacks is considerably lower than the rest, so you generally get fair games more often than not.

4 years ago#7
Boogie117 is another one. He uses a leader with cloak and hover, maybe its just me but it seems a bit odd.
4 years ago#8
crying shame that there are few skilled players on this game. hackers whine saying they do not hack or glitch when clearly they do, i guess if they can still sleep at night they dont have to care but they have destroyed this game and they know who they are. anyhow i have beaten most all of them and multiple times but when they travel in groups it is hard to do so, not saying the group i hacking/glitching just stating that when one does it and has a team to back them it makes them virtually invincible. pity this game does not get many new players anymore but atleast it seems that the community is growing some.
4 years ago#9
I once played this game & found a lobby with a bunch of them in a team. one of them was a soldier & took me with 2 hits of rocket launchers.
4 years ago#10
ChrisRatchet2 is the main glitcher I see. Shooting tank cannon in robot form and using drain and spawn sentry as a soldier. His scientist cloaks and hangs by the overshield and his decepticon leader has spawn sentry and his autobot leader has whirlwind. He has no skill at all. Everytime he tries to get close to me I back off, let him do his thing then just murder him.
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