This game is Bad Ass.

#1joncoallstarPosted 10/6/2012 1:43:20 PM
Story, gameplay, visuals and atmosphere, level design, sound, voice overs, length is perfect due to the pacing, music, the ending. The game has it all.

Almost a perfect game i my eyes.

Oh, and hearing Nathan Drake swear up a storm is EXTREMELY entertaining to me for some reason.
#2S3rialThrill3rPosted 10/10/2012 2:22:43 AM
How is the port to PC though? I'm considering whether or not to get it for that or the PS3.
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#3pure_pervPosted 10/19/2012 11:31:13 AM
Its the best game i've played so far this year. 29 hours according to steam and only an hour is that is MP.

Its an OK port. Not bad, not good. It could do with allot more graphics options, their isn't even an AA option. The game has mouse acceleration/smoothing but you can easily turn that off via .ini files. There are fixes all over the steam forum

At the end of the day. If you had the choice, i'd definitely get the PC version. It can be played with a controller after all.
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